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Caragiale photo caricature development

Using copyrighted posters of the film "Gladiator"
for the purpose of parody is protected by U. S. law.

Background for Caragiale Choose a background for the caricature.

Photo of Caragiale            Caragiale caricature            Tinted Caragiale caricature
Exaggerate Caragiale's features, tint the face,
and reverse the image to match the background.

Caragiale letters
Remove the "GLADIATOR" text, and rearrange the letters to spell "CARAGIALE."

Shield for Caragiale Caragiale's Europe Caragiale's European shield
Cut a shield from another poster, lay a map of Europe over it, and blend with 3D effects.

Scan for Caragiale's handPen for Caragiale

Insert a scan of your hand, and replace the sword with a fountain pen.
Paint over them to fit the poster's texture and color.

Combine all the pieces of Caragiale to show
the pen is mightier than the sword.

Finished Caragiale

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