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Deano Minton

Deano’s Story

Deano Minton received a Master of Arts Degree at Michigan State University and learned the art of caricature in Europe. He returned to America and accepted the position of Art Concessions Director at a large theme park, making the concessions profitable while training and motivating young artists. His cartoons, caricatures, and illustrations are published widely in magazines, newspapers, and web sites. 

Deano’s Caricatures

Deano draws live caricatures of visitors at Cartoons by Deano, a retail caricature studio in Harbor Walk VillageDestin, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico’s most beautiful harbor. Come visit our studio!

IBMA Awards

Deano’s Awards

Deano’s awards include a popsicle in third grade, and the IBMA Best Album Cover Design for 2015.  He also wrote a novel, The Universal Essence, about the power of forgiveness, available by order at most bookstores.

Deano’s Book

This work of historical fiction combines mystery and fantasy into one great, soulful adventure. At the end of the first millennium, on the eastern fringe of the western empire, in a humble blacksmith shop on the edge of a rich market town, a reluctant apprentice of an alchemist sets out on a visionary quest to solve a mystery, rescue his master and open the doorway for his return to the Universal Essence. In this medieval parable for modern life, the student must turn his ideas about reality upside down to receive the honor, power and respect he desires. The adventure could reward him with death or immortality.

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